What is “Fall Music Camp”?

This is probably the most commonly asked question.  “Music Camp” is our Pre-Season Training, formerly known as Band Camp. The Marching Honor Band is a marching ensemble and because of that there are many new skills that incoming freshmen will need to learn, both band and color guard attend this camp.  Our marching season begins in September and will continue through the end of November.  Physical education is an important part of our marching program and therefore students will be asked to do exercises and drills that will involve physical conditioning.  These may include: jogging, push-ups, sit-ups, stretching, etc.  If your student has a particular ailment that does not allow him/her to do these physical exercises they will be exempt.  It will also include very intense musical training.  It is highly recommended that all students keep playing over the summer so that endurance stays at a competent level.

Where does “Fall Music Camp” take place?

Music Camp is here at the High School.  It is not in a campground.

When does “Fall Music Camp” take place?

Music Camp takes place the week before school starts.  THIS IS A MANDATORY PRACTICE.  Color Guard and Percussion will start a few days before that.  Those dates will be finalized soon.

SUMMER DATES to Remember!

TBA      9am – 4pm

Pre-Season Training (Fall Music Camp)  @ Lodi High School