How much does participating in band cost?

Since we don’t receive enough funding to support the marching activity, the boosters will have various fundraisers to support the marching programs. We HIGHLY encourage student and parent support as much as possible.

Who are the Band Boosters?

If you are reading this and you are a parent of a band student…YOU are! The Band Boosters is the primary band support organization. Every parent of every band student is a member of the booster club. The Boosters provide the services and goods that the band needs to exist. Without the support of the Band Boosters, this program would fall apart. We highly encourage all parents to become actively involved in the Band Boosters. Your students will appreciate it and we are a fun group of people to hang out with! The Band Boosters meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month and we look forward to seeing you there.

Is there fundraising involved in the Band Program?

YES. YES. YES. We cannot function on the budget that the Director of Bands is given from the school alone, so the students and Band Boosters are actively fundraising throughout the entire year. Fundraising is a mandatory part of each band class and students are expected to actively fund-raise when required to do so. If you have any ideas for fundraising, please come to the Band Boosters meetings (every 2nd Tuesday) and submit your proposal to the Boosters. We are always looking for good fundraising ideas.

Does my student need to take private lessons?

It is not required, but highly recommended. The Lodi High School Band Program has built a reputation of being one of the strongest band programs in our area and all of the students are committed to constantly striving for the highest form of musical and artistic excellence. Private lessons are the #1 way to improve your individual playing ability. If you need recommendation for private teachers, please contact the Director of Bands at