WHY Music? Perhaps this question is not a new one to your ears. There must be times when other activities/options seem like a higher priority rather than being in a music program. Every young musician deals with this same frustration and anxiety, so do not let it be a sign of discouragement. The answer to the question “WHY MUSIC?” has some lifelong implications. MUSIC offers every individual the chance to experience the pleasure of self-expression at a new level. It is intrinsic; the process itself provides the reward. Music is music for its own sake. It is beauty within itself and offers the performer new realms of self-satisfaction. The mental stimulation of wonder and imagination is a highly intellectual activity and brings about a unique personal joy that can only be felt through personal accomplishment. It stretches one’s understanding, and this growth can be transferred to every facet of learning. Many feel this expansion of comprehension and awareness mixed with the development of positive self-discipline habits is the reason those who study MUSIC perform at a higher level in other academic classes. Exhaustive research confirms this theory.

In many respects, music is a microcosm of our society. It demands high levels of responsibility, social skills, ongoing communication, analytical talents, and the important ability to work with others. Simply put, learning a musical instrument and continuing to explore the limitless possibilities of music provide an excellent preparation for life.

Realizing music is an elective, it is necessary we constantly emphasize the essential role it plays in the overall development of the individual. Do not let a moment of anxiety become the deciding factor of future participation. Giving up or never starting the study of music cannot be an option.  Should you have any questions or comments about any facet of our music program, please feel free to contact my office at your convenience.  As always, your inclusion in our band family is acknowledged and appreciated.


Director of Instrumental Music Programs

Lodi High School