Lodi High Music Awards Banquet

Thank you for all who could attend, and a big thanks to the Booster Board and St. Paul Lutheran Church for hosting.

The results of the awards banquet are below:

Lodi High School 2017/2018 Banquet Award List

Most Dedicated: Michael Coffaro, Kailee Martin, Marcus Rowe, and Vanessa Devalle
Most Talkative: Owen Stewart, Yasmine Villa, Heather Wells, Tyler Hower, and Anissa Smith
Most Improved: Kenneth Duenas, Yasmine Villa, Nevan Bell, Robert Perrin, Marisol Munoz, Noah McGregor, and Ryan Westerterp
Dedicated Section: Flutes and Cellos
Successful Section Leader: Mateo Tiscareno
Most Talented: Michael Coffaro, Bella Zuni, Marcus Rowe, and Vanessa Devalle
Rook-out Award: Reika Hoshiyama and Ryan Westerterp
On the Phone: Nicole Green and Anissa Smith
Most Gullible: Siuea Rosenbusch and Blake Simmerman
Class Clown: Owen Stewart and Tyler Hower
Everyone’s Best Friend: Nevan Bell and Ryan Westerterp
Best in Uniform: Michael Coffaro, Yasmine Villa, Kailee Martin, Adam Taylor, and Hayley Hower
Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine: Jordan Wells, Mallory Norman, Adam Taylor, and Hayley Hower
Most Fashionable: Kenneth Duenas, Madelin Gomez, Ethan Whitted, and Haley Hower
The Ghost: Samuel Rigas, Quintessa Smith, Erick Garcia, and Lina Crouson
Be hit by something: Joshua Umipeg, Tiffany Beeler, Ethan Whitted, and Tuesday Mason
Stuck in Lodi: Daniel Kunkel, Melina Crouson, Ethan Whitted, and Tuesday Mason
Band Director: Michael Coffaro and Kate Burkhardt

Plaque Awards
Mark Aubel Inspirational Award: Caleb Oaxaca
Robert E. Gross Leadership Award: Melina Crouson
Directors Award (Band): John Hertzfeldt
Director’s Award (Orchestra): Hayley Hower
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Michael Coffaro
John Philip Sousa Award: Isabella Zuni
Jerry Hauan Volunteer Award: Dan Bell

2018-2019 Band Council
President: Nevan Bell
V.P.: Kate Burkhardt
Treasurer: Mallory Norman
Secretary: Kailee Martin
Publicity: Alexandra Burkhardt
Social Media: Erin Redding
Equipment Manager: Jordan Wells
Banquet Chair: Joseph Easterbrooks
10th Grade Rep: Alexandra Burkhardt
11th Grade Rep: Emily Delgadillo
12th Grade Rep: Mallory Norman

2018-2019 Orchestra Council
President: Marcus Rowe
V.P.: Blake Simmerman
Treasurer: Andrew Garcia
Secretary: Noelly Torres
Social Media: Marisol Munoz

Week of April 23rd News


*** Band Study Hall cancelled***
***(NEW)*** WP rehearsal 3:30-4:00. Run of the show before concert!
***Spring Concert***
– Please arrive at 4:15 pm in Meehleis Gym
-4:30 Combined rehearsal
– 5:00 Run through music WP/WG
Schedule of performances
Middle Schools
LHS Symphonic Band
Combined concert
More info. to come!
– Continue to sell the Lobster Tails!!!

Pondo Jazz Show Itinerary

10:00 am– Call time

10:30 am– Depart LHS

12:00 pm– Arrive at Ponderosa HS

12:30 pm– Watch Fred Morgan Big Band Performance

2:30 pm– Unload Trailer

3:10 pm– Warmup (small gym)

3:35 pm– Performance (large gym)

4:00 pm– Clinic (cafeteria)

4:30 pm– Load Trailer

5:45 pm– US Air Force Commanders Jazz Ensemble Performance

7:15 pm– Depart PHS

8:45 pm– Arrive LHS/Unload

LUNCH  and DINNER will be determined. Have money just in case!!

Glen R. Guevara

Director of Bands

Lodi High School