News for Week of 3/26

Hello Parents and Members,

Welcome back to the FINAL PUSH of the school year!. I want to congratulate all WP, WG, and DM’s for your success this past weekend at the Elk Grove Show! Thank you to those students who helped out being servers this past Saturday evening with the Lodi Rotary Shrimp Feed. Thank you Barbara Bell for your help!


Band study hall: OPEN to all band members who needs a place to do work, a place to catch up with assignments, or need that extra time to be successful! From 3-4pm TODAY in the band room.

Winter Percussion/Guard Practices this week:

WP 4-7pm 


WG 4-7pm


WP 4-7pm 


WG 4-7pm 


1) continue selling your Di Vinci tickets! Due 4/9 


1) 3/5/18- Symphonic Band concert exchange with Garfield HS in Meehleis Gym. Concert time TBA. The band boosters and I would like to see NEW parent involvement at this event that can help with cooking/serving simple food items. This is an open concert. ANYONE can come watch.

2) (NEW) 4/14/18 Ponderosa Jazz Festival. Time TBA

Click here for Ponderosa Festival Info

3) 4/16/18 Fundraiser- Lobster Tails ticket distribution

NEW Updated Elk Grove Itinerary as of 3/23/18

Updated Elk Grove Show Itinerary

Saturday March 24th (change before coming) 6:15am depart by BUS

7:00 arrive ELK grove HS/unload trailer/ down time for WG
7:45 WP warm up
9:50 WP official warm up
10:00 WP standby
10:10 WP performs 
10:30 brunch
11:15 load trailer
12:30 Lunch (provided by parent boosters)
1:30 WG (instructions by Alejandro)
2:40 WP awards 
3:30 WG official warm up
3:40 WG standby
3:50 WG performs
4:42pm Drum Majors Performances Begins for Lodi HS
5:30 Drum Major Performances End for Lodi HS
7:30pm Drum Major awards 
9:20 WG awards

UPDATED Elk Grove Show Itinerary

Friday March 23rd: load trailer at 6:30/7pm
Saturday March 24th (change before coming) 6:15am depart by BUS

7:00 arrive ELK grove HS/unload trailer/ down time for WG
7:45 WP warm up
8:50 WP official warm up
9:00 WP standby
9:10 WP performs
9:30 brunch
10:15 load trailer
12:30 Lunch (provided by parent boosters)
1:30 WG (instructions by Alejandro)
2:30 WP awards
3:10 WG official warm up
3:20 WG standby
3:30 WG performs
4:18pm Drum Majors Performances Begins for Lodi HS
4:52 Drum Major Performances End for Lodi HS
6:00pm Drum Major awards
9:15 WG awards

Week of March 19th News!

Hello Band Family,

I hope you all are spending some time with family and friends and getting some well deserve rest. First off, I wanted to congratulate the symphonic band with their concert at Delta College! This is the first time the band has received “box 1” superior performance playing! The String Orchestra continues to improve and received positive reviews from the adjudicators.

The WP and WG groups continues to do well and had great performances at the Woodcreek Show. For the first time ever, we had 6 members participated in the Drum Major field competition. All did great and was exciting to watch them all. 2 DM’s  placed in the top 3.

WP Camp 9am-5pm (working on part 3)
Parent band meeting at 6:30pm in the band room.

WG 12pm-5pm (Updated)

WP 9am-5pm. Finishing part 3 and cleaning the rest. Loading trailer after rehearsal

WG 9am-5pm

ELK Grove Show. (Itinerary has been posted in FB and website under Upcoming Events and the blog)
– change. We are carpooling due to another event this day. Details to come from 3/20 meeting

Lodi Rotary Fundraiser: need 12 band members to help serve at the Japanese Center @4:30pm. Must wear black pants, black shoes, and white long sleeve shirt. ( more details to come at 3/20 meeting)

Continue to sell your Di Vinci tickets. Let me know if you guys need more. They can also order online through our band website.

Week of March 5th News

Hello Band Family,

Congrats to both the Lodi WP and WG for a great start to the winter season. As you may know already, this is the LAST week before we head into Spring Break! Woohoo!!!

It is also a busy week of performances for all groups. Please make notes of the following. Also, we have our BRAND NEW website. Please use this site more often. It’s being updated constantly.

– Jazz Gig during both lunches!!
-WP rehearsal 4-7pm

Delta Band & Orchestra Festival 7am-3:45pm
6am– Equipment crew loads trailer. Band and Orchestra instruments.
7am– Depart for Delta College
7:30am– Arrive at Delta College/unload/ head to piano rooms
8:40am– Orchestra Warm-ups
9:20am– LHS Orchestra performs (Tillie Theater)
9:50am– Orchestra packs/transition to band
10:40am– Symphonic Band warm-ups
11:20am– Symphonic Band performs (Atherton Auditorium)
11:50am– SB packs.
12:00pm– SNACK/Break on your own ON CAMPUS!!
12:35pm– Band and Orchestra head to Atherton Auditorium. Watch Delta College perform
1:15pm– Head to Mall
3:00 pm– Head back to Delta. Get instruments and load trailer.
3:45pm– Depart Delta.
4:15pm– Arrive at LHS
WG rehearsal 4:30-7:00pm



*** Prior to this competition, the WP will be loading up the trailer Friday afternoon, once the band arrive from Delta College on Friday.***
Woodcreek HS Itinerary
6:45 am– Call time at LHS
7:00 am– Depart by BUS to WCHS (front of school)
8:30 am– Arrive at WCHS/WG (Alex will give you your schedule block)
9:30 am– WG official warm up time
9:40 am– WG stand-by
9:50 am– WG performs
11:00 am– LUNCH provided by parents
12:00 pm– WP set-up instruments at warm-up
12:30 pm– WP Visual Block
1:00 pm– WP rehearsal time
3:40 pm– WP official warm-up time
3:50 pm– WP stand-by
4:00 pm– WP performs
4:30 pm– Load trailer
5:30 pm– DINNER ON YOUR OWN!!!
8:30 pm– Depart for LHS
10:00 pm– Arrive at LHS
***Note: All times are subject to change***


WP and WG members must keep passing grades in order to perform. Grade check this Thursday and Friday!!!!
Continue to sell your Di Vinci tickets!!
-WP rehearsal 4-7pm
at 6:30pm in the choir room.