New Band Parent Meeting Date Change

The new band member parent meeting that was originally planned for this Thursday evening has been rescheduled to August 18th to coincide with the Pancake Breakfast which begins at 8am. Following that we welcome ALL new band member parents/family/friends to come out at 9am for a meet and greet and an orientation to the music programs their students will be participating in, as well as provide them the opportunity to watch part of the student band camp practice.


Week of 5/14/18 News!


Senior goodbye video. ALL music members, come join us in the band room AFTER SCHOOL/DURING JAZZ and celebrate our seniors.


Chamber concert during 3rd period ONLY


– Common Planing Day

– Chamber concert cont. 3rd period ONLY

***BOY TUXEDOS DUE w/ receipt!!!!*** 


3:30pm– DM and Section Leader meeting for 2019 season


ZINFEST. If you signed up, note your times and meeting in Lodi Lake For more info or questions, contact Dawn Taylor.

Week of May 7th News!


Jazz gig. 4 to 4:30. Artapalooza. School stage courtyard
– band booster parent meeting 6:30pm in the band room

Lobster drive fundraiser. Paying customers pick up your order in the Lodi Student north lot. 3 S Pacific Ave

Orchestra concert in the S gym Concert starts at 6:00pm. Admission free!!

Week of April 30th News

Hello Music Family,

First off, I would like to congratulate ALL Lodi musicians for another successful year! Than you parents and students for those who’ve attended and those who provided food for the banquet!! Here’s what’s coming up ahead for this week.


Study Hall from 3-4pm. If you’re struggling in your classes or simply just need a place to do homework, come in to rm 90. You can also tutor others who may need some help.


BAND: If you signed up for ZINFEST, your application DEADLINE is TODAY!!!!!


ORCHESTRA: We will be walking and doing our Millswood Orchestra meet and greet and play some song for our combined concert on May 11th. You may bring your own sack lunch. We will stop by at Subway for those who bring money.


FIELD BAND: There will be a fall workshop for battery every Thursday (starting today) from 4-7pm and will continue towards the end of the school year. Anyone can come, so invite your friends.


JAZZ SOCIAL: This is open for anyone. Once again, we will be having our annual jazz Social. Come on by and show your support to Jazz Band. (go to for more info)


FUNDRAISING: Continue to sell LOBSTERS!! All money/checks are due Monday, May 7th.

Orchestra: Your orchestra shirts will be coming either this week or next week.

Band & Orchestra: BOYS Tuxedo jackets and pants are due MAY 16th. You MUST get them dry cleaned before turning them in. Attach receipt along with your garment bag. I recommend going to Woodlake cleaners or Guilds. Let them know you’re a member of the Lodi Music Program to get a discount.

Lodi High Music Awards Banquet

Thank you for all who could attend, and a big thanks to the Booster Board and St. Paul Lutheran Church for hosting.

The results of the awards banquet are below:

Lodi High School 2017/2018 Banquet Award List

Most Dedicated: Michael Coffaro, Kailee Martin, Marcus Rowe, and Vanessa Devalle
Most Talkative: Owen Stewart, Yasmine Villa, Heather Wells, Tyler Hower, and Anissa Smith
Most Improved: Kenneth Duenas, Yasmine Villa, Nevan Bell, Robert Perrin, Marisol Munoz, Noah McGregor, and Ryan Westerterp
Dedicated Section: Flutes and Cellos
Successful Section Leader: Mateo Tiscareno
Most Talented: Michael Coffaro, Bella Zuni, Marcus Rowe, and Vanessa Devalle
Rook-out Award: Reika Hoshiyama and Ryan Westerterp
On the Phone: Nicole Green and Anissa Smith
Most Gullible: Siuea Rosenbusch and Blake Simmerman
Class Clown: Owen Stewart and Tyler Hower
Everyone’s Best Friend: Nevan Bell and Ryan Westerterp
Best in Uniform: Michael Coffaro, Yasmine Villa, Kailee Martin, Adam Taylor, and Hayley Hower
Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine: Jordan Wells, Mallory Norman, Adam Taylor, and Hayley Hower
Most Fashionable: Kenneth Duenas, Madelin Gomez, Ethan Whitted, and Haley Hower
The Ghost: Samuel Rigas, Quintessa Smith, Erick Garcia, and Lina Crouson
Be hit by something: Joshua Umipeg, Tiffany Beeler, Ethan Whitted, and Tuesday Mason
Stuck in Lodi: Daniel Kunkel, Melina Crouson, Ethan Whitted, and Tuesday Mason
Band Director: Michael Coffaro and Kate Burkhardt

Plaque Awards
Mark Aubel Inspirational Award: Caleb Oaxaca
Robert E. Gross Leadership Award: Melina Crouson
Directors Award (Band): John Hertzfeldt
Director’s Award (Orchestra): Hayley Hower
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Michael Coffaro
John Philip Sousa Award: Isabella Zuni
Jerry Hauan Volunteer Award: Dan Bell

2018-2019 Band Council
President: Nevan Bell
V.P.: Kate Burkhardt
Treasurer: Mallory Norman
Secretary: Kailee Martin
Publicity: Alexandra Burkhardt
Social Media: Erin Redding
Equipment Manager: Jordan Wells
Banquet Chair: Joseph Easterbrooks
10th Grade Rep: Alexandra Burkhardt
11th Grade Rep: Emily Delgadillo
12th Grade Rep: Mallory Norman

2018-2019 Orchestra Council
President: Marcus Rowe
V.P.: Blake Simmerman
Treasurer: Andrew Garcia
Secretary: Noelly Torres
Social Media: Marisol Munoz