Drum Major

The Drum Major is a ceremonial role and performers are assessed on their dress and deportment as well as their musical ability – which makes this contest a spectacle in itself! Lodi High Music Program has now opened up Drum Major Competition for Field Conducting to any student interested in this program.

The drum major is, among many other things, responsible for leading the field marching band, whether it be during practice or a performance. Being drum major is a huge honor, but it does not come without hard work, dedication, and practice.  A great way to perfect your skills and work towards this honor is competing in Drum Major competitions in the spring semester.

Field Conduction Competition is meant to test your conducting ability. You are placed in a situation similar to a field performance, and asked to conduct the band in a mock performance to music of your choice. Clarity, precision, and confidence are important for this section, because it’s meant to test your ability to lead and conduct the band in a performance setting.