Lodi High School Field Marching Honor Band

The Field Marching Honor Band is Lodi High School’s Marching Ensemble.  Enrollment in Symphonic Band class is automatic enrollment in the Honor Band. It is not a separate class held during the day.  Band 1 is for beginning instrumental students who have little or no experience reading music or playing an instrument.

Honor Band (aka Field Marching) practices take place in the evenings from 4 – 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Fall, and are mandatory.  There will also be Saturday practices and competitions as well. If a conflict arises with another school-related activity (i.e. sports, etc…) a compromise will be made.  Pre-Season Training or “Band Camp” will occur one week before the beginning of the fall semester here at Lodi High School, where you will also be fitted for and check out uniforms and tuxedos, as well as order, if needed, marching shoes, cummerbunds, bow ties and dress shirts. Letters will be sent out over the summer to clarify the dates and requirements.

Our competitive marching band competes in field marching competitions and consists of  front ensemble keyboard percussion, woodwinds, brass, and battery percussion and also incorporates the use of color guard for flag, and rifle routines and dance line. A marching band field show combines several critical elements to entertain, inspire, and engage audiences. The coordinated combination of music & pageantry is designed to create a unified presentation of a musical, visual, conceptual, or abstract theme.