Corporate Sponsor Information

Click HERE for the Lodi HS Music Program Corporate Sponsor Letter 2018-19

MUSIC offers our students the chance to experience the pleasure of self-expression at a new level. It is beauty within itself and offers the performer new realms of self- satisfaction. The mental stimulation of wonder and imagination is a highly intellectual activity and brings about a unique personal joy that can only be felt through personal accomplishment. It stretches one’s understanding, and this growth can be transferred to every facet of learning. -Glen Guevara

Lodi High School Music Program is funded in part by fundraisers of the Lodi High Band Boosters and by Sponsors just like you. Without our Band Boosters, and Sponsors like you the Music Program would not be possible as our school district covers a fraction of the cost. On average it can cost between 50 to 70 thousand dollars per year to support our students. By becoming a Sponsor, you will help provide for much-needed replacement uniforms, instruments, show-props, event participation fees, and other band-related expenses.

Sponsorship program has five levels of participation, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. All levels are based on contribution amounts from August thru May each school year. Some of the exposure a sponsor could expect is as follows:

  • Band Trailer—Lodi High Honor Band trailer is highly visible in our community. We frequently use this to transport our equipment throughout the school year. By placing your business logo on our Lodi High Honor Band trailer, your business logo will be seen by thousands as a supporter of Lodi High School Band.
  • Performance Program—Lodi Music Program produces event programs for each school performance event that is considered a keepsake. These programs can identify corporate sponsors and thus provide excellent visibility to our greater community.
  • Band Website—The Lodi H.S. Music Website is a vital source for anyone who wishes to know more about Lodi High Music Programs. You would have your business logo listed as one of our very important sponsors.
  • Band Show Shirts—Our director, band students, and most parents purchase a show shirt and wear to all band events throughout the year. Sponsors in the Silver category and above are listed on these shirts thus obtaining significant community exposure. (approx. 100 per school year).
  • Banner–The Lodi High School Music Program sponsors and participates in many different types of venues throughout the year including school sporting events, school activities, daily practices, community parades, various fundraising events and much more. These events draw large crowds, thus providing significant additional exposure for you, our Corporate Sponsor.

Each level of sponsorship offers additional amenities. Which one is best for you? 


Individual Sponsor Information